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SENTRI provides verifiable, accurate and comprehensive information on our products and methods, from source to customer, ensuring confidence-inspiring product integrity, while empowering industry-leading business insights. Covering 300,000 farmers across 5 continents, this platform combines technology, people, and processes to protect the integrity of our products.

We test and verify our products to establish best practices that we use to meet or exceed regulatory requirements.
We offer the ability to track products throughout the supply chain, tying source to fulfillment.
We provide assurance that the correct ingredients are utilized in our products.

For Businesses

We’ll help you provide visibility for your customers regarding your products’ journey. You’ll be able to leverage our proven platform to gain knowledge about your products at every stage of the supply chain enabling proactive decision-making.

For Consumers

Learn about the quality and integrity of the products you use every day. Discover where your products came from, how they were produced, and the product testing data in order to understand its ingredients and product journey as well as compliance to our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.

Key Features

Product Tracking
Know where your product came from and how it was produced.
Control and Visibility
Integrated controls provide checks and visibility throughout the process.
Sustainability Commitments
Our solution incorporates visibility into the practices and procedures of our supply chain.
Track Lot Number
Learn about the journey of your product by producing the lot number. Discover more about the product, its origin and other interesting facts.
Agronomic Services
A highly experienced team of agronomists work with over 300,000 growers across 5 continents to track data and insights about growing practices.
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