About Pyxus

We aspire to create a better growing world in which high-quality products and ingredients are produced through sustainable practices, traceable for social, environmental and production information, and support the well-being of farmers and the communities with whom we work.

Our Vision

“Everything we do is to transform people’s lives so that together we can grow a better world.”

Reimagining the science of agriculture
We use industry-leading technology and work with our extensive network of agronomists around the world to cultivate products that are unparalleled in quality.
Securing quality for our customers
Our products are independently verified to guarantee quality and efficacy.
Including our customers in our process
To promote transparency, we use our proprietary track-and-trace platform that allows customers to understand the journey of their product from source-to-market.

History Highlights

Our Commitments

As Pyxus evolves to meet and exceed the needs of the next generation, we aspire to have a positive impact on our contracted farmers, suppliers, customers, and our environment.

Sustainable Land Use
Water Quality
Farmer & Community Well-being
Waste Management
Responsible Sourcing
Climate Change Mitigation

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